10 jan. 2010

Happy Newyear

Happy Newyear everybody! Hope all your wishes come true in 2 thousand 10.
We celebrated the new year with our friends Katja & Ramon and their 3 kids in a cabin on a park (Landal, Land van Bartje) in Drenthe, where we had lots of snow, it looked like we were on wintersport.

Our house
More snow from the sky
Kimani, Camiel & Minou the 3 biggest kids, look at their legs covered in snow...
Tristan meeting Bollo
Tristan on adventure on his own
Lots of eating =)
All of us!
We had lots of fun playing, swimming, eating, relaxing and doing nothing...
We already had a week with working, school and so on.
This weekend again we had snow, no as much as in the north of Holland, yesterday we were suppose to have a family reception in Friesland but that had been postponed until 30 january which is the day Tristan is turning TWO (already..) so we won't be there.
Hope everybody is OK especially in the north of Holland, I think lots of people had a relax weekend in their home. Hope tomorrow when the whole moving to the workplace-game begins everything goes OK. I'm glad I work nearby these days, no biking because of the slippery roads, but lots of walkingand sliding... which I'm fed up with. So for me it was enough snowfun, maybe it's time to think about the spring already (probably not I guess).
I have a little project I did which I love, to show you. But I do that in another post, because of the picture uploading thing which I hate in Blogger.
Hugs Astrid

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D@nielle zei

we were away the last week of december too and at Landal tooo only a different one. Wasn't it nice and relaxing to be away that week. We loved it and would love to do it again this year !