2 jan. 2011

The last DD pages

First of all happy newyear to all of you, glad that you come to visit my blog once in a while and even leave a comment. Hope to see you all this year. I also haope all your wishes foe next year come true!!

Yesterday I finished the last pages of my december daily (now I'm glad it's done ;) )
But I'm also glad I did it beause december is always a bit special for us especially with the birthdays.

Day 27: We went to the zoo: Blijdorp.
 Day 28: Tristan loves his present he got for christmas: a K3 DVD and I fixed the 'knuffel' of Camiel, he is already 6 but he still loves his knuffel but he was sad he was really almost 'dead', he wanted me to sew him so I tried ;)  (and the next day I checked the shop who I knew solded the same knuffels and yes still had them, excellent ;)  He was so happy we he opened the present :D

Day 29: Camiel and Tristan went for a sleepover at opa and oma, because the next day I had to work and daycare was closed this week. So I was home alone (Etienne had to work late) for half a afternoon and the evening and I decided to scrap. This is the result
 Day 30: A place for some handmade cards (by Marsha, Danielle and Camiel :) )

 Day 31: last day of the year, we stayed home with the for of us, boys went to bed at the normal time but Tristan woke up around 9 '(I think th efireworks) and didn't wanted to sleep in bed anymore so he stayed awake till 1.30 am!! and  we woke Camiel so we could do some (kids) fireworks. We met some neighbourgs outside. I tried to make pictures of the fireworks, always difficult.

Thanks for looking,
hugs Astrid

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marsha. zei


Monique zei

Oh wat een onwijs gave DD heb je gemaakt!! Wat goed!! Ik redde het echt niet dit jaar. Gelukkig blijft het Xmas mini album van Teresa C. nog wel een jaartje goed :-). Leuk idee om die zelfgemaakte kaarten een plekje te geven. En die foto van je zoontje in Blijdorp is zo leuk!