17 mei 2010

Back home

Back home again from a week in France with my parents at their (vacation)house in Fouvent le Haut between Nancy and Dijon. The weather was not really great, but we had a lovely quiet week. I made lots of pictures, good time to practise my skills. Here some shots I like.

The back of the shed:

My mom
The boys playing soccer with grandpa on the 'cour':
Woodstove, which provided us with very welcome heath in the cold house (it has very thick walls, so it is always chilly and the only heating they have are 2 woodstoves, (they do stay there in the wintermonths, too cold and a bit depressive I think ).:
Taking a stroll around the little village:
Beautiful nature:

we wanted to take pictures in the gorgeous yellow coleseed fields (they extract oil from the seeds the fowers develop later in the season), so we took the car and Tristan (Camiel didn't want to join) found a nice field and did a shoot. We also found a woodpile which was great for a backdrop.

We use the timer for the one.
Last day we when for a hike in the neighbourhood

We found a property with old 'garbage' wher which was also cool for pictures.
Another one with the timer.

Back in the village.
A lot of reading, playing boardgames and Nintendo DS (Camiel) during the week. (I managed to do a little scrapping but I didn't had much inspiration there.)
And now where back and today everything went back in routine, school, work, daycare (and blogging :) )

Wednesday the new Dutch Dare sketch challenge goes live, come an join us if you like (we absolutely would ;) )

Another thing I like to write about is my 40th birthdayparty, Etienne threw me a (kind of) surprise party. It was so nice, I really enjoyed it. I will write more in my next post, now all I want to do is sleep.


3 opmerkingen:

marsha. zei

Wow, wat een prachtige omgeving om in te wonen (en op vakantie te gaan)!

Jeanet zei

Wow..echt prachtige foto's Astrid!!Super zo lekker even bijtanken ;)

Marit zei

Welkom terug Astrid! Leuk, die foto's!!! De schuur en het kacheltje spreken me erg aan!!! Ben benieuwd naar je verdere verhalen... (alsnog) gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!