6 mei 2010

present for grandma

My mother's birthday is may 4th we celebrated it on sunday the 2nd. Usually I let Camiel make something for her. This time I let Tristan join and decided that we made little book.
This the result. It was just fast and easy peasy made with some cardstock and jute thread and some misting.
Camiel made this iron beads sunset (with some help from us, I was a bit too much for his concentration level)
A liitle message and an evelope for the real present.
A fun card and a picture of us 4.
Paper punched by Camiel (and a little help of me, the lining up is a bit too hard) with my crown punch (he always want to use my punches) and some drawings of Camiel and Tristan.
More drawings
And a 'card'made by me.
On the back some pink misting, a fun card and some SC stamps.
And guess what she loved it :). They always treasure the things the kids make.


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